Digital Sportsman launches lifestyle brand focused on technology and apparel

Digital Sportsman launches lifestyle brand focused on technology and apparel with grand opening of corporate web site and online store

16 Oct 2019

Digital Sportsman, or DS, announces the official launch of its company and online store at The web site features its exclusive line of DSA (Digital Sportsman Advantage) T-shirts in short- and long-sleeve versions. These 100% polyester shirts are lightweight, comfortable, and come in a variety of colors and styles themed toward the great outdoors.

A veteran-owned company, DS was founded by Anthony Hamilton and his three sons, Devin, Trevor, and Ethan.

“After years of shopping online and in large retail outlets, and continually seeing apparel made outside of the U.S., the family decided enough was enough,” said Anthony Hamilton, President and CEO of Digital Sportsman. “It was a big letdown to shop at some of our favorite stores and see products that were made somewhere other than the U.S., while so much wasted, American talent lay dormant right here.”

The founders decided it was time to do something about it, and Digital Sportsman was born. DS has been building out supply chains, operations, and product lines for over two years, in order to deliver the highest quality products and best customer experience possible. The company is intent on making quality U.S. products, specializing in a direct-to-consumer model. DSA is the first product line in this launch, offering T-shirts that are UPF 50, with moisture wicking technology to promote dryness, and a zinc-based technology that fights odor-causing bacteria. All artwork is hand drawn by the founders of DS, and made in the U.S. from U.S. and imported fabrics.

Digital Sportsman’s other specialty is advanced technology to help people interface more successfully with the great outdoors. DS will launch a state-of-the art mobile and web app with a toolbox of features to give both hunters and anglers a strategic advantage in the outdoors. This innovative app will provide key weather data, best times to hunt and fish, public access locations, and many more creative features designed to allow next-generation sportsmen greater success in the outdoors.

Over the course of 2019 and into 2020, expect to see Digital Sportsman attending local sportsman events as it launches product lines in apparel and revolutionizes technology used by sportsman all over the world.

About Digital Sportsman
Digital Sportsman, a veteran-owned company headquartered in North Carolina, United States, is a lifestyle brand focused on technology and apparel for next-generation sportsmen. It makes high-quality apparel in the U.S. from U.S. and imported fabrics. Its apparel graphic designs, which showcase freshwater species of fish as well as all types of big and small game animals found in the U.S., are created with attention to detail from hand-drawn digitized artwork. At the heart of Digital Sportsman is the most advanced technology on the planet today—both in its business practices, and in tools to allow sportsmen to be more successful in their adventures in the great outdoors.