about us

Digital Sportsman was founded by Anthony Hamilton and his 3 sons, Devin, Trevor, and Ethan. After years of walking into larger retail outlets and seeing apparel made outside of the US, the family decided enough was enough. "It was a big letdown to walk into some of our favorite stores and see made in somewhere other than the US, while so much wasted, American, talent lie dormant right next door" said Anthony Hamilton, President and CEO of Digital Sportsman. The founders decided it was time to do something about it, and Digital Sportsman was born.

"I have been hunting and fishing for over 40 years. It's in my blood," said Anthony, "I've passed this down to my 3 boys. It's in their blood as well." Digital Sportsman takes great pride in creating high quality Made in the US products. DS combines cutting edge technology, with a lifestyle brand. We are dedicated to all things technology, and all things outdoors.

At Digital Sportsman, all of our designs for our clothing line are hand drawn, digitized, and created from scratch by Dan Sauer, Creative Director at DS. We take great pride in ensuring all products are Made in the USA from US or imported fabric.