ds app

The Digital Sportsman Application (DS App) is a next-generation desktop and mobile platform that will allow hunters and fishermen of all ages to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest extent possible. This unique software solution is built for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

The DS App will help sportsmen to analyze temperature, sunrise and sunset, tides, game forecasts, and the best times to hunt and fish based on traditional almanac data and real-word encounters, providing the most comprehensive digital tool for sportsmen of all ages.

This one of a kind software solution will be available in a web-based application for both PC and Mac, as well as on both the iOS App Store and Google Play.


Wind speed and direction by location.

Hunting Analytics

Ideal times to hunt based on certain variables and basic almanac information.


Track hunting stands by type with food plots, scrapes, rubs, and custom data. Find public fishing spots by location (bridges, beaches, and boat ramps).